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What is Sunrise Village

Beginning in 2000, Central Church of Christ became involved in an exciting work in the west African nation of Ghana.
Over the past decade, we have celebrated many new relationships in the Lord and have learned many valuable lessons about mission work.

Our efforts now are focused primarily on four villages a few miles from the bustling city of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region (similar to a U.S. state, but much smaller).

Ghana MapWe are currently working with growing congregations in the villages of Tongo, Tengzug Hills, and Gorogo. In each of these villages, Central assisted the church members to construct church buildings of their own. Previously these congregations met under a tree or in a borrowed school room.

Central, in partnership with the three congregations and the local government, has been blessed with the long-term use of 281 acres of fertile farm land bordering the White Volta River near the tiny village of Santeng. Our vision is to build a complex named Sunrise Village on this property. Sunrise Village will include a self-sustaining farming operation, a village medical clinic, a school, an orphanage, a church, and a vocational training center. Our hope is that widows, orphans, and the poor will be better equipped to sustain themselves by gaining life skills, education, opportunities, and basic care through the services of Sunrise Village. Central’s experience in Ghana has demonstrated time and again the power of the serving others as a way to show God’s love and open doors for the gospel. As our motto states, Sunrise Village is “dedicated to community development, education, and humanitarian assistance in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Additionally, Central employs a full time staff member to work with the deaf throughout the northern half of Ghana (a distance of about 450 kilometers). Compared to the U.S., Ghana has a disproportionate number of deaf citizens. Ghana does not have an effective immunization program to control diseases such as German measles nor readily available medical care for problems such as ear infections. Through the diligent efforts of· Brother Stephen Owusu, the deaf of Ghana receive the message of Christ in addition to medical attention, health and hygiene instruction, and financial help where needed. Brother Owusu is a much sought after sign language interpreter and teacher. Stephen travels to regional deaf schools where hundreds of students are boarded and serves as a visiting teacher and care giver. He visits congregations throughout the country where the deaf members need encouragement and assistance. Stephen works tirelessly with the parents to teach them how to provide better care and support for their deaf children.

Since 2003, many Central members have made the long pilgrimage to northern Ghana (about 900 kilometers from the capital·city of Accra on the coast), to personally minister to the needs of our Ghanaian brothers and sisters. We expect to continue sending at least one group of missionaries for short-term trips annually.

The ultimate vision for this ministry is to bring the kingdom of Jesus Christ to the people of Ghana, while serving them in their physical needs.

Mark 10:45 ·“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


Meet Abraham from the village of Tengzug.  Abraham is a faithful member of the church in Tengzug.  He leads the singing and encourages everyone with his smile and enthusiasm.  Abraham earns a living repairing shoes for people in the village.  Thanks to generous contributions from members at Central, Abraham now enjoys a shop and living quarters of his very own.


This is Joseph.  He is 16 years old and now is in boarding school at Bolgatanga Technical Institute where he is studying to be an electrician.  Joseph is from the village of Tongo where his mother and 3 younger siblings live.  Joseph became a Christian during Central’s mission trip in 2007.  Since that time, Joseph has been studying and teaching the Bible…


Chief John Bawa Zuure presides over seven villages in the Talensi traditional area of the Upper East Region in Ghana.  Chief John has been instrumental in helping all of the church’s efforts.  The Sunrise Village project will be located in Santeng, one of the seven villages in his domain.  Chief John loves his people and encourages education, health, and development activities to…