Small Groups

Small Groups are where “life together” happens.

Our leadership believes that Small Groups create an environment where deeper relationships can be developed, where burdens and joys can be shared, and where the Word can be applied to our daily lives. Groups meet in homes or other locations and typically include up to 16 adults. Regular meetings include times of study, prayer, and fellowship to help people become better connected in a spiritual context. Another key component of Small Groups is service. Each group seeks opportunities to bless and serve others according to the interest and abilities of the group.

Central is committed to being a small groups church with 12+ groups and an average attendance of 250 to 300 meeting each week. Most of our groups meet on Sunday evening in homes. Our groups are intergenerational, which we feel is a great blessing to all involved. The teens meet with groups while groups having younger children assign a group member each week to prepare a lesson or activity for the children at their level. We have sign-ups at the beginning of each semester, but if you join us midstream we will be happy to find you a Small Group that we believe will be a great fit for you.