Shepherd/deacon bios

Shepherd/deacon bios


Randy Robertson

Randy Robertson, parents: Villard and Hazel Robertson
Carolyn Hudson Robertson, parents: James L and Leo Hudson
Married 53 years

Email and Phone: 256-874-2549
Children: Steve and Kathy Birkhead Robertson, deacon at Central, Jim and Stephanie Mitchell Robertson, members at Central Valley
I grew up at the west limestone community of Mt Rozell and suburb Salem. Grandparents were Fred (neighbor) and Irene Robertson
Education: Sunset School of Preaching 1968, BBS Sunset International Bible Institute 2009
I was a fulltime preacher for churches in Kansas and Oklahoma 1968—1977 My family and I were chosen as one of a three family team to work in the Kingdom of Lesotho, Africa in 1978—1984, overseen by the Sunset church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas. We finished our work in January, 1986. The Lesotho work consisted of 3 phases. Phase one consisted of planting churches. In phase 2, I directed the AIM team of 9 young Christians, 4 ladies and 5 men who choose Lesotho as their work. Phase 3 saw the departure of the Aim team and the other 2 families to return to the States. My family and I remained alone in Lesotho to train the new converts and mentor Christians. I taught a Bible School for the remaining 2 years. The AIM team deserves special credit because many of those that were converted are now serving as preachers. Bishops and leaders. From 2000 –2013 I remained active in the work with annual teaching trips. A special thanks to the Hester Chapel congregation who funded many trips and supplied funds for 2 building. My Basotho friends will always be on my mind and in my heart. Many churches in north Alabama, including Central, were partners in this work by supplying support for the Lesotho work. Steve and Jim were 12 and 11 years old. They were home schooled via MACE (Missionary Accelerated Christian Education) Lewisville, Tx. Steve was part of an AIM (Sunset’s Adventures in Missions) for 18 months in Botswana, Africa
After returning home from Lesotho, we settled in the Cartwright community. I preached at Hester Chapel 1986—1991, we attended Cartwright church of Christ 1991-2007(??) I served as a bishop for 10+ years. In 2007, I returned to peach at Hester Chapel. 2014 (?) We came to worship at Central
I have taught Bible classes, served when and where I was needed. I have assembled mostly with the Life Group that meets in room 138 on Sunday evening. I returned to my family vocation after returning Alabama. I took jobs as a truck driver. I worked for Wal-Mart Transportation for 27 years. I am retired, although I still work some part time.

Jon Winkler

Personal Background
I was born in Flushing Queens, N.Y. and lived in Little Neck, Long Island. At the ripe old age of three my Mom and Dad moved us to Sherman, CT where I lived until I graduated high school. My parents, Ernest and Maureen, still live at the same address in Sherman. My Dad was a New York City Firefighter and drove the ladder truck. My Mom was a housewife. I went to college in Florida for Aerospace Engineering and in my second year, the crumbling cold war caused major reductions in the industry causing a relook at my career direction. In looking for a new school to change majors, I wound up at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. This worked out well on multiple fronts as I met my wife Tracy, I graduated and got accepted to graduate school. After graduation and getting married, we moved to southwest Virginia for a few years and it is where our oldest son, Steven, was born. Next we moved to the coast to Chesapeake, VA where our youngest son, Jason, was born. In 2010 we moved back to Alabama. Only this time it was to the northern part, to Athens, AL.
Christian Path
I was born into a Catholicism. I went through all the milestones of growing up Catholic starting with baptism through 1st Holy Communion and ultimately Confirmation as a teen. From about the age of eight up until I graduated high school I served as an altar boy in the church. After meeting Tracy 30 years ago I was introduced to the Church of Christ but we went back and forth between the Catholic Church and the Church of Christ for a while. Once we were married, 25 years ago, we had great and lengthy discussions on the different churches that exist for the purpose of trying to reach agreement on how to best raise our family. At the time, we even looked and tried other churches such as Presbyterian and Lutheran. We ultimately decided on Church of Christ and have been faithful attendees ever since. While we lived in Chesapeake, VA we were members of the Chesapeake Church of Christ. It was a congregation of about 150 members. After just a couple years with the church I went through a rigorous study course, Fishers of Men, which helped to build my knowledge to further strengthen my ability to help bring folks to Christianity. It was foundational for me in terms of firming my understanding of the bible. While members at Chesapeake, we were heavily involved in the church. I taught Sunday school and Wednesday evenings for many years, VBS, and led in other activities such as Bible Bowls where our youth would compete with other churches on bible knowledge. I support Sunday service with opening prayer, the Lord ’s Supper, closing prayer and however else needed. For the last four or so years we were at Chesapeake CofC I also served as Deacon in support of facilities and grounds, audio visual and numerous other duties as assigned. We became members at Central Church of Christ about nine years ago. I signed up to support as available for Lord’s Supper, opening or closing prayer, security and several other areas. I also began teaching kids classes and did so over several years. Over the past few years I have served as a Life Group lead while also hosting several fellowship events.


Tyler Corum

I was born here in Athens, but was raised in the Florence area. I have been a member of the church for my whole life and my family has been a part of Central for as long as I have been alive. I went to the University of North Alabama, where I met Leigh Carl. We got married in 2012 and have been attending Central for over 7 years now. We were blessed to have our son Cohen in 2015 and have loved how close we have gotten to so many people involved in the children ministry. I hope that I can be elected as a deacon and serve this church to the best of my ability. Love, Tyler Corum