India Mission

Skinner Garden, India

Central Church of Christ has had the privilege, from 2003 – present, to expand the Lord’s work through the Mission of Skinner Garden, India. Skinner Garden is located in the state of Andrea Pradesh near the city of Rajahmundry India. With the establishment already in place, since the year 1995, it was a perfect opportunity for Central to assist and increase the already proven Mission work in India.

Skinner Garden currently consist of a Children/Widows home, Girls Tailoring School and Preacher Training Facility. The compound consist of 2.84 acres in a very rural part of Andrea Pradesh, India. The number of children living at Skinner Garden range from 80 to over 100 with an age range of 4-16 years. The children, along with the widows, have a sanitary living environment, meals provided 3 times daily, clothing and daily biblical devotionals.

About the School

The tailoring school was started in 2005 to help provide a future means of financial support for the ladies attending the school. The school is currently a 1 year course that consist of tailoring and biblical education. Up to 14 girls can attend this one year tailoring and biblical education course. A graduation ceremony is held every year for the girls that have completed the 1 year training course.

The Preachers training course, at Skinner Garden, consist of a 2 year biblical training course. Up to 14 students can attend this course. The students are trained to be preachers of the gospel of Christ and gain knowledge to lead a congregation. Young men are selected from different districts and states of India to attend the 2 year preacher training course. The curriculum used to train students is a proven college based course used widely to train preachers in the United States. Upon completion, the trained preachers graduate and return to their District/State to work in their home villages in India. There they establish congregations preaching the Gospel of Christ though out India.

Central has been Blessed by God to be a part of this work to further His Kingdom in the country of India. The Lord has opened up so many doors to glorify himself through this work.n“He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that He is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead.” Acts 10:42