Posts from May 2019

Posts from May 2019

Mr. Fix-It

Colton is one of the key “Mr. Fix-it” types we have on this trip.

A Warm Saturday Afternoon

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in the school building where the ladies were painting. This little girl stayed awake as long as she could.


This is Comfort running the bulldozier. The blade had broken in the middle on the backside and Colton spent about 4 hours welding it back. He did a great job! Colton and Christian are our welders.

Space Alien

The space alien trying to get some sleep on some very rought roads is Allie. After a while, you are so tired you do whatever you can to get some rest.

Arrive In Tamale Ghana

We have arrived at Tamale, Ghana airport, but 4 pieces of our luggage were put on the next flight. We are trying to stay cool until the next night arrives in 3 hours.