Posts from May 2019

Posts from May 2019

KLM flight

Ghana team & Scott waiting to check in for KLM flight home.


VBS group picture. Dawn, Tiera, teachers & head mistress in back.

This Young Lady

This young lady was helping. You may notice a scar on the left side.of the faces in the pictures. This is cut on purpose, a certain way and is a visual designation of a certain tribe. Other tribes will have cuts similar, but in a different location or cut a different way on the face. In this manner, when meeting someone they know immediately what tribe they are from. It is done when they are babies or very young


This Zachaeus, known locally as Zacky. He is a teacher at our school. He walks from Tenzug every day to work, 30-45 minutes acoss the mountain. Notice his tribal mark. He received it as a baby

The Chief

The chief and the 8 subchiefs (there are 8 communities) met with us. It was like a meeting in the old testament. They welcomed us for about 20 minutes and we reciprocated. We were given a male goat as a gift from the community. The meeting lasted for about an hour. Now we will feed them and they will leave. We are now feeding the peole.who showed up from the community.